This is always a difficult question. I have worked very hard to keep my costs to a minimum. I have relative few fixed overhead costs, mainly the cost of the cell phone.

Many families and persons with disabilities struggle to get by each week, let along have enough to pay for attorney services. I will work with you to develop ways for you to afford these services and ways to pay. This may include a small amount each month until the bill is paid.

Some ideas for obtaining funds include money from trusts, a relative paying for the services, saving a small amount each week, money from a reverse mortgage, etc.

Some ideas to keep your costs at a minimum include going on line and completing the forms to bring into me for approval and finalization, talk to your county board of mental retardation or your mental health provider to obtain training such as I have shown on this web site (it is their responsibility to train and this will save you money), etc.

Let me know your difficulties and let’s talk about meeting your needs for cost effective attorney services