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Judy has moved to an office, for location go to'Contact' Page.
She will continue to see many of her clients in their home but now has an alternative. Mail can be sent to the same P.O. Box or the new address.

Ways I Can Help You

Judy has become a part of a very inspiring team who present a series of lectures on end-of-life aspects. This team focus on helping individuals “Leave a Legacy of Love” for their family and friends when they are facing eminent death, and will present at the University of Dayton senior seminar in January 2013. If you might be interested, you can contact Judy for more information.

List of Disabilities

Mental Retardation
Developmental Disabilities
Mental Health Issues
Cerebral Palsy
Muscular Dystrophy
Multiple Sclerosis
All Forms of Autism
Asperser Syndrome
Down Syndrome
Rare Pysical Disablities
Multiple Disabilities
Visual Impairments